Play bridge on your iPad or Tablet on our Bridge Sites.

    From the company ( BridgeClubLive ) that has been providing bridge on the Internet for over 17 years you are only a few taps away from a game, any time day or night!

    You could be playing your first hand within the next 5 minutes! There are no strings attached, but be warned - it could be addictive!

    1) Register first, and your membership details will be emailed to you.

    2) With your membership details you can then login to this web page - once only - as it will remember you for all future visits. This is where you will see your results and the daily ladder.

    3) With the same membership details enter these via the setup on your iPad or Android tablet - once only - and then play!

    It's as simple as that! and playing bridge online is free at Bridge4Free.com

    All boards have already been played at least 30 times by real players in our Premier Online Bridge Club on a previous date, giving you a true and realistic " instant score" at the end of each hand. with a full breakdown of the results on that hand - giving you an immediate and accurate indication of your ability!

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    BridgePlayer - The International Online Bridge Club Limited
    July 3, 2014 - Version 1.6
    Click HERE for more information about the Release status.


    Android app on Google Play

    August 22, 2014 - Version 1.0
    Click HERE for the Information about the Release status

    Premier Bridge Club

    For a small upgrade membership fee, you can move quickly to the Premier Bridge Club (BridgeClubLive) and play within a fully professional bridge playing environment. We have a full ethics panel, a full range of competitions, barometer, ladders, social events where members meet face to face - and much, much more.......