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Online bridge started in 1990 and is a popular way of enjoying the card game bridge.

BridgeClubLive was launched in 1994 and was the first Online Bridge Club in the world with a Windows Graphical user interface.

Registered in the UK in 1996, the company has been operating continuously for 24 years, so we know what we are doing!

Types of Online Bridge

Duplicate bridge is the most common type of bridge played online.

Online Bridge Movements

Online bridge has the advantage over face-to-face bridge that players can easily play the same board at the same time.

Duplicate movements that take advantage of this include the Improvers and IMPS tournaments in Bridge Club Live.

Bridge Movements

A Mitchell Movement normally gives two sets of winners, those seated North-South and those seated East-West.

A Howell Movement gives one set of winners, those seated North-South sometimes switch to be seated East-West.

Bridge Scoring Systems

MPS and IMPS are the most common scoring systems in online duplicate bridge.

Bridge Club Live

BridgeClubLive is an Membership Based online bridge club with Social or Full Tournament Subscription options. A full and professional Ethics Environment is provided.

There are NO EXTRAS and there are NO ROBOTS - all players are REAL PEOPLE! And, there are No Advertisements to distract you anywhere on the site or while playing.

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How It Works

  1. Get Registered - You are not asked for your address or credit card.

  2. Upgrade - Then choose your membership subscription - from as little as 1 month - with a 30 Day, "No Quibble" Money Back Guarantee.

  3. Enter the Bridge Club - Click to enter and play online - there are NO DOWNLOADS as you play directly on your Web Bowser whether you are on a Smart Phone, Tablet or Desk Top Computer, PC or MAC - even a modern SMART TV with Web Browers capability will work!

Other Rooms

Daily MPS

With the Drop in Drop Out movement - Perfect for those who want to play competitive bridge 4 boards at a time.

Social Bridge

The name says it all, enjoy bridge in a relaxed ethics protected atmosphere.

Improvers Tournament

Competitive bridge with players of a similar standard.

Individual Tournament

Play with 6 different partners in an 18 board movement.

IMPS Tournament

Fans of IMPS scoring love this tournament, a fully automatic movement with 18 boards.

Coaching Corner

Online supervised practise takes place twice a day on Monday. Coaches are there to help you improve your bridge.