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The following products are listed as being compatible with the BridgePlayer Application. In total, there are 1,472 items supported.


DA223HQL– da3 B1-720– b1-720 DA245HQL– da245hql A510– picasso_m DA241HL– DA241HL A211– picasso_e2 Icona One 7– vespa A110– a110 B1-711– B1-711 A3-A10– zara A1-713– acer_aprilia A101– vangogh B1-730– vespatn A1-810– mango Aspire A3– aa3-600 Iconia Tab 8– ducati2fhd TA272HUL– ta2 A501– picasso DA221HQL– da1 Iconia Tab 7– acer_apriliahd DA220HQL– DA220HQL B1-710– B1-710 A200– picasso_e A1-830– ducati B1-A71– B1-A71 G1-715– G1-715 DA222HQLA– da222hqla B1-721– b1-721 DA222HQLA– da2 Tab 7– td070va1 A701– picasso_mf

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DOTPAD DP3D8 / Gadmei– E8-3D Mach_Speed Trio G2 Tablet– Trio_Stealth_G2 Coby MID8065– MID8065 HCL ME TABLET PC U2– M712MC HKC P776A– P776A Proscan PLT8223G– PLT8223G Coby MID7065– MID7065 Grundig GR-TB10S Tablet– GR-TB10S Carrefour CT710– M755ND Insignia NS-13T001 Tablet– oracle D2-727G– D2-727 Vivitar Camelio Tablet– PI070H04CA iCraig CMP748– CMP748 Pendo PNDPP48GP– PNDPP48GP Proscan PLT7223G– PLT7223G Nextbook Next7P12– M727MC HKC P886A– P886A LePanII– LePanII_wifi Nextbook NX008HD8G Tablet– M8000ND iCraig CMP749– CMP749 Prestigio PMT5877C– PMT5877C ematic EGS102– EGS102 Coby MID1065– MID1065 Vivitar XO Tablet– PI070H08XO Nextbook Next7D12 Tablet– M757ND DOPO GMS-718 Tablet / Discovery– DT088 essentielb ST8003/FT8001 Tablet– M805ND HKC P778A– HKCP778A HKC P774A– P774A Prestigio PMT7287C3G– PMT7287C3G ematic EGS004– EGS004 RCA RCT6078W2– AMLEM62 ematic EGP008– EGP008 COBY MID7055– MID7055 Nextbook NX008HI Tablet / Carrefour CT810– M909NP Eviant MT8000– PDM829MD D2-721G– D2-721G Proscan PLT7777– AMLMID710K Digix TAB-840_G– TAB-840_G Leader I10A-LE– I10A-LE Visual Land Prestige 7D– PRO7D Carrefour CT720 / Emdoor EM63 Tablet– EM63 Zeki TBDG773– TBDG773 Auchan MID7317CP Tablet – MID7317CP ematic EGP010– EGP010 Lazer MD7305 Tablet / AMTC– MD7305 Marquis Tablet– marquis_tablet Nextbook NX007HD Tablet– M7000ND TecToy TT-2500– AML757ND Monster M7 Tablet– MONSTERM7 HS_7DTB14– HS_7DTB14

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Auchan Qilive97– QiLive97 80 Carbon– AC80CA ChefPad– A97CFP Auchan Qilive8QC– QiLive8QC Qilive79– Qilive79 Auchan Selecline 10– SELECLINE10 80 Xenon– A80XE 70b Titanium– A70BTI 79 Platinium– AC79PL Quechua Tablet 8– A80RG11 80 Titanium– A80TI 80b Platinum– A80BPL 97b Platinum– AC97BPL Kuno– KUNO4 101 Xenon– a101xe Qilive 97R2– qilive97r2 97 Cobalt– AC97CO 90 Neon– a90ne 101XS2– AC101XS2 101 Neon– A101NE Smart Home Tablet– hometablet Hudl HT7S3– ht7s3 Qilive 7– qilive7 GamePad– A70GP KUNO 4+– kuno4p A101DR– a101db Archos 70b Cobalt– a70bco Auchan Qilive8– QiLive8 80 XS– A80XSK 101 XS– A101XS 79 Neon– a79ne 70 Xenon– a70xe 101 Platinum– A101PL GamePad 2– A70GP2 70 Cobalt– AC70CO 101b XS2– ac101bxs2 101 Cobalt– AC101CO Auchan Qilive97R– QiLive97R FamilyPad 2– A133FP2 101 Titanium– A101TI 79 Xenon– a79xe 80 G9– A80 101 G9– A101 Bush Mytablet 2– a80bu 97b Titanium– A97BTI technika8– tsc80 97 Carbon– A97C Archos 79 Cobalt– ac79co 97 Titanium HD– A97TIHD 80 Cobalt– A80CO 97 Xenon– A97XE 80 Childpad– A80CHP 101 Childpad– A101CHP 70 Titanium– A70TI 80 Platinum– A80PL 97 Platinum– A97PL


MeMO Pad 7– K017 MeMO Pad 8– K011_1 ASUS MeMO Pad Smart 10– ME301T ASUS Fonepad 8(FE380CG)– K016_1 ASUS Transformer Pad TF300TG– TF300TG Transformer Pad TF303K– K01B MeMO PAD– me172v ASUS Fonepad 7– K00Z PadFone Infinity Lite– ASUS-A80 PadFone 2– A68 Fonepad 7 (FE375CG)– K019_1 Fonepad HD7– K00E PadFone E– ASUS-T008 T101TA– T10xTA ASUS Transformer Book Trio– TX201LA ASUS Transformer Pad– K010 ASUS Transformer Pad TF502T– TF502T MeMO Pad 7– K013_1 MeMO pad 8 AST21– K015 TF700T– TF700T ASUS MeMO Pad HD7 Dual SIM – ASUS-K00S Asus Transformer Pad TF303CL– K014 MeMo Pad HD 7– K00U ASUS Fonepad ME371MG– ME371MG ASUS Transformer Pad TF300TL– TF300TL Asus Transformer Pad– K018 ASUS Fonepad 7 LTE– K00Y Asus MeMo Pad 7– K012_2 Eee Pad Slider– SL101 MeMO Pad 7– K013 ASUS Transformer Pad– K010_1 Eee Pad TF101– TF101 K00F– K00F PadFone mini– ASUS_T00E K00L– K00L Transformer TF101G– TF101G PadFone T004– ASUS-A86 ME171– EP71 Padfone X– ASUS-T00D ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T– TF300T ASUS Transformer Pad TF600T– TF600T Eee Pad Transformer Prime– TF201 ASUS MeMo Pad ME302C– ME302C Padfone S– ASUS_T00N MeMO Pad 8– K011 Fonepad 7 (FE375CXG)– K019_3 ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10– ME302KL ASUS Transformer AiO P1802– P1802-T ME173X– ME173X MeMO Pad 7– K01A ASUS Transformer AiO P1801– P1801-T Fonepad 7– K012 ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity– TF700KL Transformer Pad Infinity– K00C


WISKY W032I– W032I DynaVox T10– T10


NOOK® HD+– ovation NOOK® HD– hummingbird


PLT7100G– PLT7100G TM1088– fiber-wifibt Endeavour101– Blaupunkt PLT7130G– PLT7130G WEBPAD1002– Listo PLT9606G– PLT9606G


PMT3277_3G– PMT3277_3G Polaroid A7X_PTAB735X– PTAB735X PMT3287_3G– PMT3287_3G


Venue 8– Venue8 Venue 8– yellowtail Venue 7– Venue7 Venue 7– thunderbird Cloud Connect– capri_wyse

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RCT6103W46– RCT6103W46 MID9526CM– MID9526CM PMT3677_Wi– PMT3677 Sprout Channel Cubby – Cubby NB07– NB07 ELITE8Q– ELITE8Q PNDPP44QC7– PNDPP44QC7 TU7_58212_18222– TU7_58212 EGQ337– EGQ337 SMARTAB ST700 – ST700 Digital2 Plus– Digital2Plus S7842– S7842 P791– P791 Q.3778– Q3778 A2272PWHT– AOC_WW NS-15AT07– NS-15AT07 WETAB700DG– WETAB700DG PRO9D– PRO9D MID_9526CM– MID_9526CM NB7022S– NB7022S TQ700/QUANTUM 700/TAB– TQ700 ELITE10Q– Elite10Q Danew Dslide 1013– DSlide1013 RCT6273W26 – RCT6273W26 S952– S952 PRO7DS– PRO7DS Prestige PRO10D– PRO10D TBDG734– TBDG734 Tablet Tsunami TSTA080D1– MG080D1T MFC191– MFC191 D711HC_PG– D711HC_PG P1001– P1001 SAT2242 WorkTab – ADP_WW Slim_Tab_8– Slim_Tab_8 ET7050D– ET7050D DSlide 710– Dslide710 IRULU_MID– IRULU_MID S221C3A– MMD_WW KLIPAD_SMART_D791– KLIPAD_SMART_D791 MegaFon MT3A– MT3A DP7856K– DP7856K KTAB– KTAB ZOOTI PAD ZT-701– ZT-701 PLT7804G– PLT7804G DISNEY_Tablet_PC– DISNEY_Tablet_PC HS-10DTB12– Hipstreet MPDC706– MPDC706 GAMETAB-ONE – GAMETAB-ONE Danew DSlide 750– Danew_DSlide750 HS-7DTB39– HS-7DTB39 NB7850S– NB7850S AD7003– AD7003 GTAB700– GTAB700 Allfine M721– 86S NV8-HD– NV8-HD RCT6002W46– RCT6002W46 HS-9DTB7A– HS-9DTB7A QUANTUM_700S/QUANTUM 700S– QUANTUM_700S EGD172– EGD172 HS-7DTB27– HS-7DTB27 eZee'Tab7Q11-M– Tab7Q11 ELITE7Q– Elite7Q SurfTab ST70204-3– TREKM7100KLD CT8– CT8 eZee’Tab7D14-S– STOREX7526 MW-7615P– MW-7615P HANNSpree HSG1279 – HANNSpad KLIPAD_SMART_D71– KLIPAD_SMART_D71 Allfine PC1038Q– fine10_Joy DIT702201 – DIT702201 PLT7803G– PLT7803G RCT6573W23– RCT6573W23 Monster M10– M10 GTAB900– GTAB900 POLAROID A7_PTAB735– A7_PTAB735 C08TA– C08TA DPA23D– polaris-wifionly A712– A712 RCT6672W23– RCT6672W23 T1144– T1144 EGQ780– EGQ780 NX700QC– nxm7100lvd_wm EGD078– EGD078 LINSAY F-7HD2CORE / F-7HD4CORE / F-10HD2CORE /F-10XHD4CORE– F-7HD2CORE TAB-740_G– TAB-740_G Carrefour CT820– M878LP eZeeTab7D15-M– eZeeTab7D15-M Beeline Tab– Beeline_Tab PRO8D– PRO8D ELITE8QS– Elite8QS NX785QC– nxm865lvd_wm Hipstreet HS-10DTB8– HS-10DTB8 DL700D– DL700D NID_7010– NID_7010 Trio AXS 3G– Trio_AXS_3G EMATICEGS109– EGS109 Tab734– Tab734 Prestige 7G– Prestige-7G Ncredible NV8– NV8 Ematic EGD103– EGD103 D7911L3BC_OGS– D7911L3BC_OGS MID7526CM– MID7526CM GoTab GBT10– GBT10 7DTB25– 7DTB25 776TPCIII– 776TPCIII TM705– TM705 EGD170– EGD170 MPDC1006– MPDC1006 S1052– S1052 FunTab 2– FunTab2 DL785D– DL785D NX785QC8G– NXM865FD Digital2 Platinum– D2-963G ELITE9Q– ELITE9Q PNDPP44QC10– PNDPP44QC10 M7s Dual Core – NB116_NB117_NB118 Ematic EGQ327M– EGQ327M

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ILIUM PAD E10Si– iLium_Pad_E10Si_1 TR10CD3– TR10CD3_1 TA71CA3– TA71CA3_1 TR10CS1– TR10CS1_8 TR10CS1– TR10CS1_3 i-Buddie– TR10CD1_10 NESO N810 i7– N810_i7_1 Any 303– TR10CD2_3 TR10CD1– TR10CD1_4 TR10CS1– TR10CS1_2 TR10CD1– TR10CD1_2 TR10CS1_P– TR10CS1 TR10CD1(PVT2)– TR10CD1_6 TA80CA2– TA80CA2_1 TA71CA2– TA71CA2_1 Any 302– TR10CS2_3 Any 302– TR10CS2_2 i-Buddie– TR10CD1_11 TA70CA2– TA70CA2_1 TA80CA1– TA80CA1_2 i_Buddie– TR10CS1_12 JP SA COUTO, S.A. _MG070A2T– TA71CA5_1 TA10TA2– TA10TA2_1 TA70CA1– TA70CA1 TA70CA3– TA70CA3_1 TA71CA1– TA71CA1 Ketablet– TR10CS1_6 TA71CA5– TA71CA5 TA10CA4– TA10CA4 Any 302– TR10CS1_15 NBX-T1014N– TA10CA2 Any 303– TR10CD2_2 TR10CD1– TR10CD1_5 TA80TA1– TA80TA1_1 MiiA– TA10CA1_2 TR10CD3– TR10CD3_2 TA80CA1– TA80CA1 TA10CA1– TA10CA1 TR10CS1– TR10CS1_7 TA10CA3– TA10CA3 TR10CD1_P– TR10CD1


Carrefour CT1010– Carrefour S732– rk3026


Flylife Connect 7.85 3G 2– Flylife Flylife Connect 7 3G 2– Flylife7 Flylife Connect 10.1– Flylife_Connect_101_3G_2


Polaroid V7– nuclear-M7021 PMT3177_3G– PMT3177_3G ICRAIG CMP 756– Omega9 Zeki TBDG1073– TBDG1073 Camelus L7– TR-7U Ematic EGS017– EGS017 RCA RCT6691W3– RCT6691W3 RCA RCT6272W23– RCT6272W23 Ematic EGQ307– EGQ307 VENSTAR2050– VENSTAR2050 KD Interactive Kurio10S– C13300A PLT8802G– PLT8802G Cisco Desktop Collaboration Experience DX70– CP-DX70 BLUEDOT BNT-700K– BNT-700K PMT5487_3G– PMT5487_3G oioo Model 2– wecct PLT7602G– PLT7602G Carrefour CT1020W– M1010FP Kurio Tab - Extrem– g03k AZPEN A720– wing-inet KD Interactive Kurio7S– C13000A ClickN Kids– g04e Prestigio PMT7077_3G– PMT7077_3G RCA RCT6378W2– RCT6378W2 Camelus L10– TR-10HBT Trio MST711– nuclear-MST711 SAKAISIO FP-U320-711-WWAN– U320-3G Digital2 Deluxe– nuclear-D2_Deluxe iView SupraPad i700– g01i Polaroid A/S8– wing-AS8 Ematic ETH102– ETH102 DMX-ST7A– DMX-ST7A ICRAIG CMP 759– Omega7 iView 778TPC– 778TPC Mad Catz M.O.J.O.– mojo Cisco Desktop Collaboration Experience DX80– CP-DX80 PMT5887_3G– PMT5887_3G Zeki TBQC1063B– TBQC1063B Polaroid A/S7– wing-AS7 iView SupraPad i785Q– anchor RCA RCT6077W2– RCT6077W2 InFocus NewTab F1– f1 RangerX– iX101T1_2G RCA RCT6077W22– RCT6077W22 PMT7287_3G– PMT7287_3G IN610– MG2 Diginnos DG-D07S/GP– DG-D07SGP DANEW Dslide971DC– Dslide971DC Polaroid A/S10– wing-AS10 InFocus FP-U320-INF-WLTW– U320-WF OmnisOne– OmnisOne T3000– P7M RangerX– iX101T1 PMT5777_3G– PMT5777_3G EssentielB Smart'TAB 9001– fiber-smart EssentielB Smart'TAB 7800– fiber-785q6 MachSpeed TrioStealth-7 – TrioStealth-7 PMT7177_3G– PMT7177_3G PLT9602G– PLT9602G RCA RCS13101T– RCS13101T iView 788TPCII– iView_788TPCII FieldBook E1– FieldBook_E1 iView 920TPC– 920TPC DOPO GS-918– GS_918 MultiPad Thunder 7.0i– g01p


nabi DreamTab HD8 Tablet– DMTAB nabi DreamTab HD8 Tablet– t8400n nabi 2 Tablet– mt799 nabi 2S Tablet– nabi2S

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SZJ-JS101– SZJ101 F-02F– F02F ARROWS Tab LTE F-01D– blaze_tablet STYLISTIC M702– M702 ARROWS Tab FJT21– FJT21_jp_kdi ARROWS Tab Wi-Fi FAR70B– FAR70B ARROWS Tab F-05E– F05E FARTM9334P1– FARTM9334 STYLISTIC M532– mx532 FARTM933KZ– FARTM933KZ

GIGABYTE Show all 62

DigitalStream DWA1015D Tablet– DWA1015D Zeki TBDG874 Tablet– TBDG874B Lazer MY1306P– MY1306P Audiovox T752 Tablet– AD7L AMTC MD1001 Tablet– MD1001 iDeaUSA CT10– CT10 PMT7787_3G– PMT7787_3G TBQG1084– TBQG1084 Nobis NB09– M9025 eZeeTab10D12-S– eZeeTab10D12-S Lazer MD1005 Tablet– MD1005 PHP-S231C4AFD– G3SMNTS23 ODYS UNO X8– UNO_X8 TB100– TB100 iDeaUSA CT7– CT7 P102g– P102g Hipstreet 9DTB7 / Lazer MY9308P– AMLMY9308P TM75A-V2– TM75A-V2 AV10– RCT6203W46 Polaroid MID1028– MID1028 AOC-A2472PW4T– G3SMNTA24 TM75A– TM75A LOGICOM E1052GP– E1052GP Zeki TBQG884– TBQG884 TBQG855– TBQG855 MachSpeed Trio Stealth_9 Tablet– D_9AL Zeki TBQG774– TBQG774 NS-15AT10– TA120 PROSCAN PLT8235G Tablet– MID807_K Intenso Tab814S– Tab814S TM105– TM105 MachSpeed Trio Stealth_10 Tablet– D_10AL VSD231– VSD231-VSA mexico– Lanix ENVIZEN DIGITAL V917G– GK-MID9022 LUXYA MID704DC Tablet / Bitmore Tab770– MY7317P V100MD– V100MD RCA DAA730R / RCA DAA738R– MD7081 LOGICOM E852GP– E852GP Venturer– RCT6773W22 EM_I8180– em_i8180 PROSCAN PLT1066 / MAG MAGPAD / TEAC TEACTAB / DOPO GS-1008– MID1005_K NAXA NID-7011– NID-7011 PIONEER R1– RCK8726Y703H AMTC MD7081– MD7081A AMTC MD7008– MD7008A Prestigio PMT5587_Wi– AML8726-MXS MachSpeed Trio Stealth_8 Tablet– D_8AL HKC A79 Tablet– EM62 GDENTMY7317– GDENTMY7317 TM105A– TM105A ODYS UNO X10– UNO_X10 TM75A-V– TM75A-V TM785CH– tm785ch WeTab1004B– WeTab1004B THOMSON PRIMO8 Tablet– AMLMY8306P Bitmore Tab870– Tab870 MD7053G– MD7053G essentielb ST7001 Tablet– ST7001 Audiovox T852 Tablet– MID30801 THOMSON PRIMO7 Tablet– PRIMO7 TMAX TM9S775– MID908A-K


Maxwell 10– maxwell_10

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Nexus 10– manta Nexus 7– grouper XOOM– stingray Nexus 7– deb Nexus 7– tilapia XOOM– wingray Nexus 7– flo

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7 Tablet– Mesquite HP SlateBook 10 x2 PC– 3645 Slate21– phobos 7 Voice Tab– klondike Slate 7 Extreme– olive Slate7 Plus– birch Tablet 10– balsa Slate 7 HD– bonsai10 Slate 7 Beats Special Edition– fairfax 8– Fir Slate 8 Pro– dogwood Slate 10 Plus– linkplus Slate 7 HD– bonsai7 SlateBook 14– 200a 7 Plus– Ilex Slate 7 VoiceTab Ultra– charm Slate 6 Voice Tab– pomegranate Slate8 Pro– fig 7.1– Holly Slate 21 Pro– ranger 7 VoiceTab– yukon Voice Tab 7– almond HP Slate 7– pine Slate 8 Plus– vogue

HAIER Show all 29

INGO-TAB– INGO-TAB MT-700– MT-700 D2-927G– D2-927G D2-751G– d2PAD HS-7DTB25– HS-7DTB25 CYCLONE_ODYSSEY– CYCLONE_ODYSSEY HISENSEShow all 20 F5180– f5180 M470BSS– m470bss F5070– mt8389 Sero7– rk3168 E2070– mt8312 M470BSE– m470bse Sero 8– rk3188 M470BSG– m470bsg G2-3GP– G2-3GP M470BSD– m470bsd M370BW– m370 G1– G1 WM8– wm8980s W270BD– W270BD Hisense– U688 NBX-T7014– E270BSA M470BSA– m470 M3101BW– m3101 F270BW– F270BW M3101BCD– m3101bcd HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD. nabi_XD– XD Cisco CP-DX650– CP-DX650 Germany– S9714

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S10– hws10103l S7– hws7701u MediaPad Youth– hws7701w HUAWEI MediaPad X1 7.0– hw7d501l T101– hwt101 HUAWEI MediaPad– hws7300u HUAWEI MediaPad 10 Link+– hws10231l S7– hws7961w S7– hws7601w S7– hws7601c MediaPad7– hws7601us MediaPad 10 FHD– hws10101w MediaPad Vogue– hws7601u T102– hwt102 Mate– hwmt1-t00 dtab01– dtab01 T801– hwt801 MediaPad 7 Lite– hws7930w S10– hws10201l HUAWEI MediaPad– hws7300w T802– hwt802 S7– hws7951w MediaPad 10 FHD– hws10101u HUAWEI MediaPad M1 8.0– hws8301l HUAWEI MediaPad 7 Youth2– hws7721u MediaPad 7 Lite– hws7930u


AQ710A– Salitpa


Kobo Arc– zeus Arc 7– lbp8 Arc 10HD– macallan

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G Pad 10.1– e9wifin VU3– vu3 G Pad 10.1– e9wifi G pad 8.0– e8wifi LG G Pad 8.3 homeBoy– awifi070u G Pad 7.0– e7wifi LG G Pad 8.3– awifi LG G Pad 8.3 LTE– altev G pad 8.0 LTE– e8lte LG G Pad 8.3 GPe– palman


LIFETAB E7310– LIFETAB_E7310 Lenovo S938t– S938t Indigo– Indigo microstar E10319– E10319 PC-TE510N1B– LaVieTab Lenovo A7600-H– A7600-H Lenovo N300– Lindos2 LIFETAB E10316– LIFETAB_E10316 Lenovo A3500– A3500HV SmartTabII7– SmartTabII7 MD_LIFETAB_P9516– MD_LIFETAB_P9516 IdeaTab A5000– A5000E LIFETAB_S9512– LIFETAB_S9512 IdeaTab K2110A-F– K2110A-F Lenovo A3300– A3300-T LaVieTab PC-TE508S1W/LaVieTab PC-TE508S1L– PC-TE508S1_nec A3000– A3000 A1000-G– A1000G Lenovo S930_ROW– S930_ROW IdeaTab A1020– A1020T Lenovo A3500-F– A3500F Lenovo S939– S939 IdeaTab A2107A-F– a2_wifi_row IdeaTabA2207A-H– A2207A-H Lenovo S930– S930 LIFETAB E10320– LIFETAB_E10320 Lenovo A7600-HV– A7600-HV Lenovo A3300– A3300-H A2107A– A2107A-H K1– K1 A1000– A1000F IdeaTab A2107A-H– a2_3g_data Lenovo A3500-H– A3500H LIFETAB S785X– LIFETAB_S785X A2107A-H– lenovo75_a2_att_ics Lenovo B8080-HV– B8080 IdeaTabA2109A– A2109A S5000– S5000 PC-TE307N1W– PC-TE307N1W LIFETAB E732X– LIFETAB_E732X LIFETAB E7316– LIFETAB_E7316 A10– A10 IdeaTabS2110AH– msm8960 S6000L– S6000L Lenovo A3300– A3300-GV Lenovo A5500-F– A5500-F IdeaTab S6000– S6000 Lenovo A5500-HV– A5500-HV IdeaTab A1010– A1010T Lenovo N308– SmartAIO Lenovo A3300– A3300-HV Lenovo A5500-H– A5500-H LIFETAB E7313– LIFETAB_E7313 PC- TS507N1S– PC-TS507N1S Lenovo YogaTbalet2-830F– YT2 IdeaTabS2109A-F– S2109A B8000-H– B8000 LaVieTab PC-TE510S1L– PC-TE510S1_nec B6000-H– B6000 IdeaTab A2107A-H– lenovo75_a2_ics A1000L– A1000LF LIFETAB E10310– LIFETAB_E10310 Lenovo A7600-F– A7600-F Lenovo A3500-FL– A3500FL


Primo81– N821 Primo73– N71J Primo76– N728 Primo81– Primo81


P300– crane-M701C_mmx P275– P275


XOOM 2 ME– fleming XOOM– umts_everest XOOM 2– pasteur MZ605– umts_hubble MZ505– graham_wifi XOOM– wifi_hubble

NECShow all 8

LifeTouch L– LTTLA16 LifeTouch L– D000000023 LifeTouch L– D000000035 AGT10– AGT10 LifeTouch B– LTB028 MEDIAS TAB UL N-08D– N-08D MEDIAS TAB N-06D– N-06D LifeTouch L– LTTLA32


TegraNote– tegranote7c SHIELD Tablet– shieldtablet TegraNote– tegranote


JT-B1– B1 FZ-A1– toughpad


P-08D– P-08D


AT1– at1 PantechP4100– pororo


chagall– chagall Olipad– OP111 MaxiIQ– MaxiIQ Cintiq Companion Hybrid 13HD– CintiqCompanionHybrid13HD Harris 12131-1000– msm8660_cougar Getac Z710– z710


PI3210G– PI3210G PI3100Z3/93– PI3100Z3_93 PI3910– PI3910 PI3100/93– PI3100_93 PI3900/58– PI3900_58 PI3106– PI3106 PI3100/51– PI3100_51 PI3100/58– PI3100_58 PI2011– PI2011 PI2000– PI2000 PI2010– PI2010 PI3900/98– PI3900_98 PI3900– T7p_Duo_93 PI3900/51– PI3900_51 PI7100/93– PI7100_93 PI4010G– PI4010G PI3105– PI3105 PI3110– PI3110 PI3100/98– PI3100_98 PI3205G– PI3205G_93

POSITIVO Show all 18

Ypy AB10E– YPY_AB10E Ypy AB10DP– YPY_AB10DP Ypy L1050E– YPY_L1050E YPY_10FTB– YPY_10FTB YPY_10STB– YPY_10STB Positivo mini I– mini_i Positivo T701 TV– T701 Positivo Mini– mini Ypy L1050– YPY_L1050 YPY_07FTB– YPY_07FTB Positivo Ypy AB10E– YPY_AB10EC Ypy L1000– YPY_L1000 YPY_07STB– YPY_07STB Positivo Ypy L700– YPY_L700 YPY_AB7K– YPY_AB7K Positivo YPY AB7– YPY_AB7 Positivo T750– t750 YPY_TQ7– YPY_TQ7


KALOS– FG6Q_N FaceVsion OC1020A– OC1020A Ellipsis 7– QMV7A VSD220– VSD220 Kate– Wenu VSD221– VSD221 Lifetab P9514– LIFETAB_P9514 PT2200– PT2200 Le Pan TC1020– FG6Q CT2200– CT2200 NEBUPOS3– UY3A FT103– FT103 MiSS– MiSS Le Pan TC802A– UY8 VSD241 Smart Display– VSD241 Le Pan TC1010– FG6A-LP M363/P– UY1 eye3– UY3-PCW

SHARP Show all 7


SK TELESYS Show all 17

ITP-R208W– rk30sdk STB7013– AVOCA ITP-E410W– willow R370H– R370H STB7012– STB7012 E-Tab10– blue_eye Bic camera– Si01BB Si01BE– Si01BE STB8098– STB8098 T730– T730 Nexttab N3– N3 Infinite– MID1324 STB9097– STB9097 DREAM PAD– delight T720– T720 T750– T750 All&G PAD– mypad2


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Galaxy Mega 6.3– meliusltespr Galaxy Tab 10.1– GT-P7500 Galaxy Tab2 7.0– espressowifi Galaxy Tab3 8.0– lt01wifi Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus– GT-P6201 Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2– v2wifi Galaxy Tab4 8.0– milletwifi Galaxy Tab2 10.1– espresso10wifi Galaxy Note 10.1– lt03ltelgt Galaxy Tab 8.9– SHV-E140K Galaxy Tab 7.7– SCH-I815 Galaxy Tab4 7.0– degaswifidtv Galaxy Tab2 10.1 – espresso10vzw Galaxy Tab3 7.0– lt023gdtv Galaxy Note 10.1– p4notelteusc Galaxy Tab4 – matissewifigoogle Galaxy Note 10.1– p4noteltektt Galaxy Tab2 10.1 – espresso10spr Galaxy Tab3 7.0– lt02lte Galaxy Tab 10.1– GT-P7500D Galaxy Note Pro 12.2– v1awifikx Galaxy Mega 6.3– melius3g Galaxy Mega 6.3– meliuslteusc Galaxy Tab4 8.0– milletltelgt Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition– lt03lte Galaxy TabS 8.4– klimtwifi Galaxy Tab3 7.0 – lt023g Galaxy Tab4 8.0– milletlte Galaxy Tab3 7.0 – lt02lteatt Galaxy Tab3 7.0 – lt02ltespr Galaxy Note 10.1– p4notewifiktt Galaxy TabS 10.5 – chagallwifikx Galaxy Tab 7.7– GT-P6800 Galaxy Tab 8.9– SGH-I957D SHW-M480S– p4noterfskt Galaxy Mega 6.3– meliuslteskt Galaxy Tab 10.1– SGH-T859 Galaxy Tab4 10.0– matisse3g Galaxy TabS 10.5 – chagalllte Galaxy Note 10.1– lt03ltektt Galaxy Tab3 7.0– lt02ltetmo Galaxy Note 10.1– lt033g Galaxy Tab2 10.1 – espresso10att Galaxy Tab 10.1– GT-P7510 Galaxy Tab2 7.0– espressorf Galaxy Note 8.0– konalte Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1– picassowifi Galaxy Note 8.0– konawifi Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition– lt03ltevzw Galaxy Tab3 8.0 – lt02lduwifi Galaxy Tab 10.1– SHW-M380S Galaxy Tab4 10.0– matissewifi Galaxy Note 8.0– konawifiany Galaxy Note 8.0– kona3g Galaxy Tab3 10.1– santos10lte Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition– lt03wifiue Galaxy Tab 7.7 Plus– SC-01E Galaxy Note 10.1– p4notewifiany GT-P7500R– GT-P7500R Galaxy Tab 8.9– SHW-M305W Galaxy Note Pro 12.2– v1awifi Galaxy TabS 8.4– klimtlte Galaxy Note 10.1– p4notewifi Galaxy Tab 10.1– SCH-I905 Galaxy Tab 10.1 v– p3 Galaxy Tab 7.7– GT-P6810 Galaxy Note Pro 12.2– v1a3g Galaxy Note 10.1– p4notelteskt Galaxy Tab3 8.0– lt01lte Galaxy Tab4 8.0– milletwifiue Galaxy Tab3– lt01wifikx Galaxy Tab 10.1– SHW-M380K Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus– SC-02D Galaxy Tab3 10.1– santos10wifi Galaxy Mega 6.3– melius3gduosctc Galaxy Note 10.1– p4noteltevzw Galaxy Note 8.0– konaltecan Galaxy Tab4 7.0– degaswifi Galaxy Tab3 Lite– goyawifi Galaxy Tab3 7.0 – lt02wifilgt Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition– lt03wifi Galaxy Tab 10.1 N– GT-P7501 Galaxy Tab 8.9– SGH-I957R Galaxy Tab 8.9– GT-P7300 Galaxy Tab4 7.0– degaslte Galaxy Tab 10.1– SHW-M380W Galaxy TabS 8.4– klimtwifikx Galaxy Tab 10.1 N– GT-P7511 Galaxy Mega 6.3– meliusltecan GT-P7300B– GT-P7300B Galaxy Note 10.1– p4noterfktt Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4– mondrianwifiue Galaxy Note 10.1– lt03lteskt Galaxy Tab 8.9– SHV-E140L Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4– mondrianwifikx Galaxy Tab3 Kids– lt02kidswifi Galaxy Note 10.1– p4notelte Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus– SGH-T869 Galaxy Tab 8.9– GT-P7310 Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition– lt03wifikx Galaxy Note 10.1– p4noteltespr Galaxy Mega 6.3– meliusltektt Galaxy Tab2 10.1– espresso10rf Galaxy TabS 10.5– chagallwifi Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus– GT-P6200 Galaxy Tab2 10.1 – espresso10tmo Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4– mondrianlte Galaxy Note Pro 12.2– viennalte Galaxy Tab4 7.0– degas3g GT-P7320T– GT-P7320T Galaxy Tab3 Lite– goya3g GT-P7500M– GT-P7500M Galaxy Tab 8.9– SHV-E140S Galaxy Tab3 8.0– lt013g Galaxy Mega 6.3– meliuslteMetroPCS Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus– GT-P6210 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus– SHW-M430W Galaxy Tab2 10.1 – espresso10can Galaxy Note 10.1– p4noterf Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1– picassolte GT-P3108– espressorfcmcc Galaxy Tab4 8.0– millet3g Galaxy Note 10.1– p4notewifiww Galaxy Tab4 8.0– milletltektt Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2– v2lte Galaxy Tab4 8.0– milletltetmo Galaxy Tab 8.9– SGH-I957M Galaxy Note 10.1– p4notewifi43241any Galaxy Tab2 7.0 – espressovzw Galaxy Mega 6.3– meliuslte Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4– mondrianwifi SHV-E150S– SHV-E150S Galaxy Tab3 10.1– santos103g GT-P6200L– GT-P6200L Galaxy Tab3 7.0– lt02wifi Galaxy Note 10.1– p4noteltelgt Galaxy Note 8– konalteatt Galaxy Tab4 10.0– matisselte Galaxy Tab 10.1– SC-01D Galaxy Tab 8.9– GT-P7320 Galaxy Note Pro 12.2– viennaltekx Galaxy Note Pro 12.2– viennaltevzw Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus– GT-P6211 Galaxy Tab 8.9– SGH-I957 Galaxy Mega 6.3– meliusltelgt Galaxy Mega 6.3– meliuslteatt


Benesse– 41EA04

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Xperia Z2 Tablet– SGP521 Xperia Z2 Tablet– SO-05F Xperia T2 Ultra– D5316 Xperia Z2 Tablet– SOT21 Xperia T2 Ultra– D5316N Xperia Tablet Z– SGP312 Xperia Z2 Tablet– SGP561 Xperia Tablet S– txs03 Xperia C3 Dual– D2502 Xperia Z2 Tablet– SGP551 Xperia Z2 Tablet– SGP512 Sony Tablet S– nbx03 Sony Tablet P– nbx02 Xperia C3– D2533 Xperia Z2 Tablet– SGP511


Xperia Z Ultra– SOL24 Xperia Tablet Z– SO-03E Xperia Z Ultra– SGP412 Xperia Z Ultra– C6806 Xperia Tablet Z– SGP321 Xperia Z Ultra– C6833 Xperia Z Ultra– XL39h Xperia Z Ultra– C6843 Xperia Tablet Z– SGP311 Xperia T2 Ultra– D5306 Xperia Tablet Z– SGP351 Xperia T2 Ultra– D5303 Xperia Tablet Z– SGP341 Xperia T2 Ultra– D5322 Xperia Z Ultra– C6802


A9x/PTAB935x– A9xPTAB935x Logicom S9782– Logicom-S9782 MD210– MD210 NEO7-1– NEO7-1 P10/Q10/PTAB1040/PTAB1041– pq10-Polaroid PAD_1042– PAD_1042 HS-10DTB4– HS-10DTB4 NEO10-1– NEO10-1 P7/Q7/PTAB740/PTAB741– pq7-Polaroid P9/Q9/PTAB940/PTAB941– pq9-Polaroid Polaroid K7– PTAB782 TCT MOBILE LIMITED (ALCATEL)Show all 15 ALCATEL ONE TOUCH P310A– POP7 TAB 7 DUAL CORE– T017 ONE TOUCH EVO7HD– E710 onetouch EVO7– EVO7 ONE TOUCH TAB 7HD– T016 P330X– Pop7_LTE Vodafone Smart Tab 4– Vodafone_Smart_Tab_4 ONE TOUCH EVO8HD– E720 ONE TOUCH TAB 7– T011 one touch T20– T20 TAB 7 DUAL CORE– T015 I213– PIXO7 ONE TOUCH TAB 8HD– T021 I220– PIXI8 ALCATEL_ONE_TOUCH_P320X– POP8


T-Hub2– omap4_WT3


Essentiel B SmartTab 1002– T9660R


JPN:REGZA Tablet AT500 Other countries:TOSHIBA AT300– tostab11BA JPN: TOSHIBA AT400, Other Country: TOSHIBA AT300SE– tostab12AL AT100– tostab03 AT10LE-A/AT15LE-A/AT10PE-A/AT15PE-A (Japan: AT703)– tostab12BA JP:REGZA Tablet AT570 Others:TOSHIBA AT270– tostab11BS Thrive 7– tostab04 AT200– tostab05 JPN:REGZA Tablet AT830 Other countries:TOSHIBA AT330– tostab11BT AT7-C– tos14riy20 AT7-A– tost7t AT10-A/AT15-A (Japan: AT503)– tostab12BL AT7-B– tos13t7gt


VP73_Telefunken– Telefunken VP100+– ephesus VP73– wing-ibt

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ZTE-T T98– cardhu K97– K97 ZTE V70– ZTE-V70 V96A– V96A V72C– v72c T77– T77 V71B– V71A K75– crane-zte7 NX601J– NX601J S8Q– MT8123 ZTE V7073– V7073 V8285– MT8382 myPad P5– K78 V9S– V9S Amazing p5_Lite– V77 ZTE V72– V72 V72A– ZTE-V72A

IRIVER Show all 14

Wow TAB +– itq701 MM3202– mm3201 Cybook Tablet– cybtt10_bk i-mobile i-note WiFi 1.1– M1703 DMT580D– m805_892x W1011A– w1011a Wow(Window of the world)– itq700 Insignia Flex 8"– ns_15at08 WOW Tab+(ITQ1000)– itq1000 WPT005– wikipad INSIGNIA NS-14T002– ns_14t002 Insignia Flex 10.1– ns_14t004 TrekStor tolino tab 8.9– tolino89 TrekStor tolino tab 7– tolino7

UNKNOWN Show all 405

rk2928sdk rk2928sk7204 gp831_a1_cy_aisai GHIAPad htt77_tb_jb soho sugar-inphic12_i8 vbox86tp SmartPadS2 U55GT gs701b nuclear-a702UNIDEN L9 vortex FunTab Pro 7X_3G matisselteatt SmartPad S2 fiber-onda978q9p6 CoolTAB-72 MT8389 iBall nuclear-evb U51GT_C4 Tablet TX17 ST8002 IMO Z5 tablet PC B7120LN MD7008 sugar-H4 nuclear-MID7117 nuclear-me107 rk3028 t8e g06refe4 x86 QTab Q100 E708 3G Liunx-Q8 mbk82_tb_jb5 SmartPad Go AN90G4 crane-m1003h6Playtab x983g_hkc1 stvmc ODYS1306 PMP3670B Hit stvmx aosbis_c7016 acclaim fiber-onda809q8 binatone-kidstar crane-a702jh g30refN72AHDP76H NX008HD8G crane-Q2 nuclear-gp707pub maxwell METABLET thor nuclear-t03 g06ref1003AC baoxue crane-MID7113 fiber-inets polaris mars-a31s basicom15_jb crane-a1001Polaroid crane-hn nuclear-ib755c nuclear-a13mid f16ref_dongle milletltevzw everest sugar-inphic12_i9 PMP7170B3G Q16emmc CARRM8000NP_FR crane-a702 fiber-evb MTK8377 Kurio MY15Q2P mehmet bq_Edison2_QuadCore npm701 p98hd_a2q6 elite-10moons_LT390W_A rk2906 gem10313bk-rev2 PMP7280C3G PMP3970B g18mini_c5b9 polaris-a70H AppPlayer PMP3570C PMP7170B3G_DUO zw_7858 ONDA nuclear-a7032 apollo-tvdevb fiber-wifibt_mtk reallytek82_tb_jb5 Xenta TAB10-201 g12refM1005 f16ref TAB803 nuclear-anpei9 C13000UK crane-anpei MX2 tq03 nuclear-a7028 Gpad hws10101l nuclear-107a ADM8000KP_A sugar-vivid33 bq_edison crane-a1002jhzx k12_MA975M8_B elite-evb nuclear_sc3068n_YT_M7057 fiber-ondam784q6 bq_Curie2 lt03ltetmo Energy i8 Dual Quercus9 nuclear-pfdq88 crane-evb C13300UK nuclear-D50-sc3038n e7lte rk31sdk CoolTab-70 md701 crane-a710 nuclear-quan encore g12refM805 Onyx_Z gp920_a1_ifive_mx100 V1 nusmart3_stick msm8660_t6 PMP5588C advan89_6831 g02_d9ref_gps DNS MT8312C galaxy5 G17s_3G四核 fiber-vitro crane-a702jh-Starmobil mw07 TERRA_7oL rk29sdk GASEM712MC WEXLER sugar-egreat48 nuclear-anpei7 Lan789 Linux-Q8 wing-k70 m726g MID08S PMP3670B-WH mr706 fiber-onda978q9 TPD7708 temp-evb PMP5670C_DUO P650 f04ref V819_3G ctb me12 rkm755sdk crane-MID9742-sc3052 C13000US viennalteatt fiber-colorfly t9b nuclear_sc3041n_ainol_novo705fc_d1 nuclear-Polaroid705 MW0711 TX18 fiber-g100 esky89_tb_jb2 K86v_Changjiahuoxu nuclear-um720 polaris-inet milletlteatt RK3188 nuclear-m876 k12_MA975M8 crane-lg971 gs702a Allview-Speed3G Flylife Connect 7.85 3G Slim crane-ka009 zte_gr PMP3870C_DUO MW0712 crane-a760 g17h3g_k5e2 MTK8389 rmt82_tb_jb5 Prestigio hws10201u A90G3 CONNECT 2G wiz casper crane-evb-v13 mq785 g17reft102 nuclear-pfdq88c microlab-evb Bush sugar-ref001 rockchip3188 sugar-lycoo00 nuclear-a702 fiber-ondam785q6V1 PMP5770D Sirius_QS H7 sk_gt7340 nuclear-anpei8 nuclear-sy777 p89mini_e2w6 crane-inet g12refM806A2 f02ref METablet nuclear-mt7000 crane-bt ouya_1_1 fiber-s12m5a7 msm7627a_fw8937 g06refe3 OYSTERS crane-a1002hw C13300US g12refM806A1 PMP7170B3GCE p4wifi d5h88vh_8188 PMP5080CPRO nuclear-f727 S20EG g12refM1006A2 ALLWINNER_A13 mocha hws10201w nuclear-t53 matissewifiue WEXLER_TAB7ID m874 crane-G11 U51GT-W fiber-s12bqs TT7025MG sugar-greathopes23 msm8625_fw8937 degaswifiue bq_Edison2 yecon75_tb_ics crane-bc1077 nuclear-x3 crane-ibt g12refM1006 sugar-pulier33 A2107A fiber-ondam809q5_512m MY9308P PMP7100D3G T1J+ bq_maxwellplus tenderloin rks750v3swsdk p983g_a3hy elite-10moons_T2 reallytek89_tb_jb2 C13000SC sugar-evb TAB462 g08refem618 Surfer_8_31_3G crane-skyworth crane-a702jhorange CM TT7024MG fiber-novo906fc PMP7280C MID apollo-mele crane-m1003h6 wing-ks028CABT wing-nck70 bq_Elcano fiber-ondama805q5 AN101G4 fiber-q10 Xpad MT7001 kai U51GT-S mevlana U1 crane-a088 D01E miki75_6628_ics2 SB513 g12refM806A1SPISY HDC-08 nuclear-hn Modelo II - Professor g24refem69B bq_curie nuclear-a86 TPC-81203G crane-m801t EAGLE7_3G PMP5580C tf101 crane-a802hw2 f32ref U1A q7lteskt sugar-512M wmid ULTRATAB MID908KB elite-s2eu-pulier33 nuclear_sp0735_sochip_sc3068n rks753sdk NX007HD8G g33refNew smdk4412 crane-a732 hwmt1-u06 TX69 p4 wing-d9-906DA2 PMP5780D rk2928sk7240 elite-10moons crane-a702-Imobile Flylife_7_3G P88(GT4K) PMP5097CPRO Q2S sugar-Mx Y88 P9 crane-bc1003 TB-PH3 G808 3G yecon77_mg789_tb_ics2 gs702c Nexus 7 Lan779 Q3IIemmc PMP7280C3G_QUAD Enjoy 71 Move7 nuclear-107a-01b rkm741v3esdk nuclear-pfdq3 nusmart3_pad_x19 crane INM805ND Oysters NT-1710 fiber-784Sq6 HD600AIIemmc wing-ks028CA crane-m868a-tv20 fiber-ondam975q5 HCL ME Tablet fiber-a31st A1107 crane-m799 Ramosi9 TM-7045_3G fiber-inet crane-m802h6gaiban SpeedUp Pad TA-735 npm702 MITO_T77 C13000EU fiber-onda809q9p6 PMP7100D emid7 mid MW0733 fiber-q8s nuclear-chip crane-a106 MID7114